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A. T. Still: From the Dry Bone to the Living Man by John Lewis

Andrew Taylor Still had been a medical doctor for ten years when a devastating personal tragedy convinced him to stop prescribing the crude drugs of his day and seek a more effective method of practising medicine. Believing there must be a better way of healing the sick than introducing toxic substances into the body, he embarked on a lifelong quest to decipher the riddles of health and disease, life and death. Combining the latest scientific knowledge with the revolutionary intuition that the body innately contains all the remedies needed for curing, he developed a drugless method of healing effective across the whole disease spectrum.

This is the inspirational story of a visionary, nonconformist scientist, 'the man who saw the truth, who had the mind to conceive it, the indomitable will and courage to put it over in the face of bitter opposition, poverty and social ostracism, and an abiding faith in its ultimate triumph.'